They may have been related by law for 72 days, but Kris Humphries now has bragging rights over Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian on the NBA floor. How much should he care that he never earned their blessing when he married Kim?

Humphries marrying Kim Kardashian never sat well with Khloe & Lamar

Blood is thicker than most things when it comes to divorce. Khloe Kardashian came right out and admitted that Humphries asked frankly whether she faked her marriage to husband Lamar Odom. The New Jersey Nets big man ruined his chance to get on her good side with that comment, and ever since then they have staunchly supported her sister Kim Kardashian in her pending divorce. Part of the reason Humphries asked that question could have something to do with his constant belief his own marriage was a fraud meant to boost television ratings. He claims he has proof of that, and will show it on live television when their court battle begins. The bitterness is clear, but whether Kris Humphries cares what Khloe & Lamar think of him stays a mystery….read more