Kris also reveals that he has hired a new legal team in Los Angeles to handle the divorce!

Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian‘s split has been nasty so far, but now Kris is speaking out through his legal team and saying that he’s going to keep quiet about Kim — until it’s time to go to court!


Kris, 27, released a statement to the media through his lawyers that says no matter how Kim, 31, decides to handle the divorce, he will not sling mud at his ex.

“Much effort and energy to mis-direct the public’s perception of what transpired between Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries has taken place over the past several months, some even going so far as to attempt to create settlement ‘demands’ where none have been made,” the statement reads. “Neither Kris Humphries nor his legal team have spread these rumors nor will they. While we are encouraged to see an apparent willingness by the other side to put big numbers out in an attempt to settle Mr. Humphries’ claims, we respect and will continue to observe the integrity of the legal process. This case will be resolved not in the court of public opinion amidst ridiculous and defamatory allegations and personal attacks directed against Kris Humphries…..more