The Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian divorce is slowly moving forward and according to the newest cover of Life & Style, Kris isn’t holding back about revealing some of the secrets in their marriage to expose Kim’s secrets and lies. The magazine explains that Kris claims that Kim has offered him $7 million to keep his mouth shut, but he is now going public with the bribe and his silence can’t be bought. He has been clear from the beginning; he wants his story out and he wants the public to know that Kim married him for publicity.

The cover of the magazine reveals that Kim only slept with Kris for ratings, that she tried to bribe him to keep him silent about their marriage and that she paid for her own ring in a shocking way. In other words, Kris Humphrieswants the world to know that Kim ripped him off and betrayed him in the worst possible manner. And it seems that his lawyers are eager to start an investigation so the truth comes out. It isn’t just about the money; it is about clearing his name and no money can do that for him.

“While we are encouraged to see an apparent willingness by the other side to put big numbers out in an attempt to settle Mr. Humphries’ claims, we respect and will continue to observe the integrity of the legal process,” Kris’ legal team has said in a statement….more