Kim Kardashian is apparently living in fear of what secrets her estranged husband, Kris Humphries, would reveal about her if Kris were to put out a “tell-all” book about their relationship. Practically everyone can agree that Kim’s life is not as it appears on their reality shows, but, to what extent?

According to Reality tea, a source said that “Kim is pretending that everything is fine in her world, but behind closed doors she is freaking out that Kris will come out with a tell-all book about their relationship. Kim is fearing for her life right now…her life is fan approval and if Kris comes out with a tell-all, she will be completely exposed for the person she really is!”

Kim Kardashian can’t afford to look any worse than the damage she put on herself by filing for divorce so soon after a lavish wedding that was televised for her fans and the entire world to view. Many people already feel duped by the Kardashians. Why wouldn’t people also feel duped by Kris Humphries? Neither appear to have entered into their relationship innocently….more