Kris Humphries is having trouble with his rebounding skills.

Socialite and fashion mogul Justin Ross Lee tells us he watched the Net forward miss with a beautiful blond cocktail waitress Saturday night, then one-upped the baller by scoring her number from under Humphries’ nose.

“The guy could buy and sell me a thousand times and he couldn’t close his own waitress,” says Lee, the outspoken, boldly attired president of the Pretentious Pocket pocket-square company.

Lee says he came upon Humphries and his dude crew of five at the Bunker Club in the Meatpacking District after 2 a.m. Sunday morning.

“He was trying to get this very beautiful waitress who was serving his table to give him her number, but she was not the slightest bit impressed,” says Lee, adding: “The only thing he could offer her was 20%.”

Lee claims the waitress, who told him she worked in Las Vegas, shot Humphries down — which is when the in-your-face fashionista decided to have some fun.

He says he approached Humphries and told him, “I bet you your annulment that I can get her number” — a reference to the NBA player’s attempt to have his 72-day marriage to reality TV star Kim Kardashianannulled. As Lee spoke to the player, a friend snapped a picture of the two that he emailed to us.

Lee says Humphries didn’t have much to say in response, but he and his crew watched as the pocket-square mogul went up to the willowy waitress…..more