Kris Jenner has ordered daughter Khloe Kardashian to divorce her husband and failing NBA player, Lamar Odom according to a couple of gossip sites.  The story was supposedly that momanager Kris Jenner wanted Khloe and Lamar to divorce to increase ratings of their TV reality show.

Now the truth has come out and Hollywood Life explains that while the couple won’t be getting divorced they are spending too much time together and this is taxing the relationship.

MTO reported:  A close friend revealed: “Kris is constantly telling Khloe that marital conflicts equals ratings! Kris has convinced Khloe that if it weren’t for Lamar, she would not have her own reality show and that if she wants another season she needs to embellish the conflicts in the marriage because that’s what viewers want.”

But the 56 year-old seems unaware of the damage she is actually doing to her daughter’s marriage as her NBA star husband’s career begins to suffer due to his role in the reality TV drama.

”Kris is blind to the fact that Khloe and Lamar’s relationship is suffering because of reality TV,” the source revealed, “Lamar is a pretty laid back person but he has had enough. He feels like a puppet and he has already told Khloe that he is not going to create drama on the show for ratings, in fact, he wants out completely.”

There are problems in the Khloe and Lamar’s relationship but for once, they don’t seem to be caused by momanager Kris!….more