Reality TV’s Kim Kardashian, who shrugged off a “flour bomb” assault last week, now says it was no laughing matter. Headlines today suggest Kardashian “may press charges.”

That’s what news outlets including MSNBC, The Washington Post, and E! Online are reporting after Kardashian’s latest comments about her flour bombing Thursday night.

But technically, those headlines are incorrect — even though Kim Kardashian is a flour-bombing victim, she has no power to press charges against anyone.

Legally speaking, it’s up to police officers and prosecutors to investigate an alleged crime and press charges if warranted. Kim Kardashian is free to file a complaint against her alleged flour bomber, but she really would have no control over what happens after she filed her complaint.

Even if Kim Kardashian decides not to file a complaint, police and prosecutors can still investigate and press charges on their own, if there is sufficient evidence.

In Kardashian’s flour bombing, she was attending the West Hollywood launch of her new fragrance when a woman ran up and dumped a bag of flour over her head. As this blog opined last week, the flour bombing could technically be considered an assault, battery, or disorderly conduct….more