Kris Humphries has reportedly asked his lawyers to suspend divorce settlement talks with Kim Kardashian’s legal team, alleging that her camp has been relentlessly trashing him in the press.

It has recently been reported that Kris has been giving Kim a hard time arriving at a settlement.

Referring to the reports, a source in the know told Radar Online, “Kris is furious about reports that he is making Kim’s life hell. It’s absolutely ridiculous, and he is telling his friends that he won’t be bullied by her anymore.”

“Kris has told his lawyer to no longer attempt to reach a settlement with Kim. It’s a waste of time and he is ready to take this to trial, and he will,” the source added.

Kris is also furious that Kim is dragging his family into the divorce battle.

The NBA player is seeking annulment of his 72 marriage to Kim with “fraud” as the reason. If the annulment is not granted he wants a separation, not divorce…..more