Kim Kardashian just can’t quit Kanye West. The no-talent famewh*re skank cheated on then-boyfriend Reggie Bush with Yeezy, and now Kris Humphries is alleging she did the same thing to him during their engagement and marriage!

According to Star (via, Kris “is threatening to testify in court that Kim was cheating on him while they were engaged.” Although Kim promised to “cut off contact” with Kanye once she and Kris were married, she never did and instead kept seeing her “secret lover” throughout the 72-day marriage. And now Kris is planning to use Kim’s cheating “to prove their marriage was a sham from the start — making their prenup invalid.”

Star claims this latest “divorce bombshell” could cost Kim “upwards of $10 million,” which is an increase in Kris’ asking price from the $7 million that was reported most recently.

“Kris is ready to blow the lid off all of Kim’s lies and reveal who she really is,” a “source” dishes to the mag. “This could be a huge blow to her reputation. It would be a good idea for her to just write him a big, fat check to keep quiet.”….more