She has been keeping her lips sealed about her relationship with rumoured new boyfriend Kanye West.

But actions speak louder than words, and after being spotted with what appeared to be a love bite on her neck yesterday, Kim Kardashian was seen anxiously checking her phone in Los Angeles today.

The reality television personality could not stop looking at her mobile as she attended a laser hair removal centre in Santa Monica, which suggests she was receiving messages from a certain special someone.

And after a marathon 24-hour dating session with the RnB favourite earlier this week, perhaps she was anxious about being away from the singer’s side.

If she had seen the Stronger star she would have no doubt brought a smile to his face, as she was wearing an extremely tight pair of black leggings which drew attention to her famous derriere.

Kim, 31, appeared to have had a late night, as she was keeping her tired eyes covered by a pair of aviator sunglasses so large, even noted shades wearer Kanye would have been impressed…..more