We get a lot of beauty pitches from companies hoping to capitalize on various pop culture developments. (I can’t tell you how many “Get Katniss’ braid!” pitches I got during the weeks leading up to The Hunger Games premiere.) But the one we received today is worthy of mention because they manage to capitalize on the breaking news of Kim Kardashian’s alleged hickey!

Not up to date about Kim K’s love bite, oh lucky ones? Let us fill you in.

You may have heard that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West may or may not be a couple. Here’s the short recap: Kanye released his new single “Theraflu” which contained lyrics about how he fell in love with Kim. Then the two of them went to see The Hunger Games together, and shortly afterwards Kim was photographed with a suspicious mark on her neck that TMZ claims is not psoriasis, but a love bite from Yeezy. (No word on if she’s telling all her friends that she just burned herself with a curling iron. Remember that old lie?)

Just in time to help Kim with her latest skin problem comes G2 Organics has released a product called the “Hickey Stick.” Here’s what it does, for a mere $19:….more