Put a lid on it, Team Kardashian. A friend of Kim’s dissed Kris’ hunky shoot for ‘West/East’ magazine in the Huffington Post, and it just makes Camp Kardashian look bitter.

Why, why, why can’t Kris Humphries do a sexy fashion shoot that shows off his rockin’ body in black underwear, a tux and yes, a whole lot of brawny skin?


Why can’t he do as many sexy shoots as he wants? After all, Kim Kardashian tweets bikini pics every week and does countless lingerie, swimsuit and even topless photo shoots — and Kris has never said a word about it!

So why is a friend of Kim’s slagging Kris in Naughty But Nice Rob Shuter‘s Huffington Post column, posted April 5? “The pictures are ridiculous and just go to show how far Kris is willing to remain in the public spotlight,” Kim’s friend says. “I haven’t spoken with her about them, but you know she will get a good laugh when she sees them.”

Really Kim – why would you be laughing at Kris’ photo shoot shot at NYC’s Night Hotel by photographer Christopher Logan?

His smoldering photos are no more laughable than any of your magazine covers or fashion spreads. And why shouldn’t Kris be in the public eye anyway? Hello, he IS in the public eye — he’s an NBA basketball player and he’s having a good season. His games are televised; it’s his job too — not just yours — to be in the public spotlight.

And of course, he has every right to grow and burnish his brand, just like you do.

“If he was my client I’d want him do some sexy yet tasteful photos – and these are in no way vulgar – because it’s good for brand Kris Humphries,” says Howard Bragman, longtime Hollywood publicist and vice-chairman of Reputation.com. “Kris needs to brand himself and photography is his medium — he’s a handsome, strapping young man.”

Bragman insists that it doesn’t serve Kim Kardashian well when every time Kris makes a move, someone in her camp tries to tear him down. “It creates an impression of bitterness and instead she should be moving on — he’s trying to move on,” says Bragman. “If the attacks continue, at some point there will be a backlash against her.”

Bragman advises BOTH Kim and Kris to move on and doesn’t believe it will be to either’s benefit if they go to court. “He needs to be something other than her husband and she just needs to move on!” he says.

Celebrity brand expert Jo Piazza agrees that Kris isn’t just fully within his right to do a hot fashion shoot — he NEEDS to. “He needs to rebrand himself and get out from under the shadow of the Kardashians and show that he’s his own man,” says Piazza, author of Celebrity Inc. “They were great  pics showing that he’s a sexy young NBA player.”

Piazza believes that the Kardashian friend lashed out because the Kardashians “expected Kris to disappear and he’s not going anywhere — that’s going to ruffle their feathers.”

Hmm, it’s hard to understand how the Kardashians could expect Kris to just slink away into the wilds of Minnesota just because his marriage to Kim ended.

He cares as deeply about his career as Kim cares about hers and he has every right to make his brand attractive to gain potential endorsements…..more