Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

Say it ain’t so.

How could the person who uttered the infamous indictment of President George Bush during Hurricane Katrina — telling the whole world Bush didn’t care about black people — hook up with a white woman who black women love to diss?

A source told People magazine that the couple has “just started dating” and are keeping things “light.”

That’s insane.

I thought Kanye was suffering a meltdown when he stormed the stage at the Video Music Awards in 2009 and interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech to proclaim that Beyonce had the best video of all time.

A Kardashian affair would only enhance his reputation of being stupidly impulsive.

The Kardashian brand may be a moneymaker, but Kim Kardashian does not get a lot of love in the black community.

In fact, last November, Tyler Perry fans threatened to boycott his upcoming movie, “The Marriage Counselor,” if he casts Kardashian in a prominent role.

“Black Voices,” an online publication, was bombarded with comments from readers who called Kardashian the “antithesis of Perry’s Christian and respectable image, citing her divorce from Kris Humphries after only 72 days of marriage and her exploitation of black males.”

Because reality TV has taken over, a lot of black actresses are scraping by, landing a role every now and then. And a number of talented black actresses have disappeared from the screen altogether. These professional actresses have been replaced by other black women whose claim to fame is being able to shop, seduce, curse, gossip and wear a weave.

So when Perry welcomed a Kardashian into a club that once was a sanctuary for black Hollywood, it was upsetting to many.

Kim Kardashian may be the “it” girl now, but a lot of people haven’t forgotten how she got there — a sex tape — proving once and for all, sex does indeed sell.

It was pure genius that Kris Jenner, the mother and overseer of the Kardashian Empire, was able to turn that scandal into a moneymaking machine.

Kanye’s fans shouldn’t despair — yet.

Given Kardashian’s record when it comes to relationships and marriage, the hook-up between these longtime friends could be a publicity stunt designed to drum up interest in the rapper’s upcoming projects.

After all, Kardashian is still trying to complete the paperwork that will officially end her marriage to Kris Humphries.

But if the romance is real, the backlash against Kanye won’t strictly be about Kardashian’s race.

The award-winning rapper previously dated Amber Rose, an exotic dancer turned model who could pass for white. Rose’s father is of Italian descent and mother is from Senegal. In a 2010 interview, Rose told an online publication that she was “ridiculed in school because she was a ‘white-girl’ in an all-black school in Philadelphia.”

With the public unveiling of Kanye’s new love, some black women are asking, what the heck?

Like too many other rich and famous black men, Kanye runs right past black women and straight into the arms of the white woman, or the closest thing to one.

Worse yet, the rapper looks like he’s about to get played.

Kardashian’s most intimate moment was circulated on the Internet, and her sexual partners know each other well enough to compare notes.

What celebrities do in their personal lives should be their own business, but these highly paid entertainers seem to thrive on sharing their business whether we are interested or not…..more