She’s once again the talk of the town thanks to her budding romance with rapper Kanye West, and on Friday morning (April 6) Kim Kardashian paid a visit to NBC Studios for a “Today” show appearance.

The E! reality star took to the set in a cute turquoise frock as she chatted with Ann Curry about everything from her ongoing divorce and flour bombing incident to the Kanye relationship rumors.

Asked how things are for her right now, Kim replied, “I feel really in a positive place. I kind of take what ever happens in life, I always just try to be positive and learn a lesson from it and I’m just sooo ready for this chapter to be over and to move on. You know, it’s spring, new beginnings.”

Miss Curry then asked Miss Kardashian if she feels as though she can relate to Britney Spears after undergoing so many life challenges at once.

To this, the 31-year-old told, “I feel like I can really relate and understand other people that have gone through things that have been tough and I just, I thank God for my family for getting me through it and you just really don’t have a choice to hold your head up and move on.”…more