A friend of Kris Humphries gives HollywoodLife.com the NBA pro’s response to Kim Kardashian’s new ‘romance’ with Kanye West and his rebuttal to Kanye’s single ‘Theraflu’!

Kris Humphries never did anything wrong to Kim Kardashian, so the war she’s launched against him is pretty unbelievable . She’s even going so far as to support Kanye West‘s new single, “Theraflu,” which suggests the rapper loved her during her marriage and that he could have Kris fired from his job as an NBA basketball pro on the New York Nets. Unreal!

After hearing Kim’s interview on The Today Show, where she cried the blues about her divorce and made Kris out to be the villain in the situation, the 27-year-old athlete was upset, a source close to him tells us exclusively.

“If she’s trying to give Kris some respect, why is she going on live television and saying she loves the song that is bashing the person who she is going through such a delicate situation with?” the insider says. “Mocking her husband on TV in this form doesn’t help her current situation. Kris never bashes her. He didn’t condone the flour bomber!”

What also makes Kris livid is Kanye’s rap in his new single, “Theraflu,” where he claims he could have Kris fired from the Nets, since his friend Jay-Z is part owner.

“As far as Jay-Z cutting him from the team is concerned, Jay-Z doesn’t have that power,” our source explains. “As a matter of fact, Jay-Z has been to numerous of Kris’ games and he and Beyonce were clapping for Kris at Madison Square Garden when people were booing him!”….more