Will the third time be the charm? Kim Kardashian, who is in the middle of a messy divorce from second husband Kris Humphries, is apparently still in junior high and “is spending her time daydreaming about becoming Mrs. Kanye West,” Life & Style (via HollywoodLife.com) reports. Does she doodle “Mrs. Kanye West” and “Kim Kardashian-West” in her notebook, too?

“Would she marry him? Absolutely,” a “friend” dishes to the mag. “She wouldn’t even think twice.”

It’s shocking that Kim “wouldn’t even think twice” about jumping into an ill-advised third marriage when her first two worked out so well. And her family is supposedly concerned about how fast Kim and Kanye are moving, although it’s more likely they’re relieved they were able to distract the media and turn the focus away from the divorce.

“They’re worried Kanye’s more into the chase, and he’ll move on now that she’s fallen for him,” Life & Style‘s source says.

And the Kardashians aren’t the only ones with reservations: Kim’s friends are also concerned that she’s just using Kanye to repair her image, if it’s actually possible for one famewhore to use another.

“While they were out in New York, she made Kanye get Beyonce on the phone to try to set up something where Kim and Beyonce would be photographed together,” the source tells Life & Style. “She thinks if she’s seen with someone like that everyone will like her again. That’s her plan.”

Great plan, Kim!

By now it should be obvious that even if Kim and Kanye are capable of feeling anything for another person — and considering their history, it’s possible they care about each other — this whole “relationship” is just a giant publicity stunt, since Kim needs to take the focus off her disastrous divorce and Kanye released a new song last week. Fortunately it’ll never last, but hopefully they’re done leaking cornea-searing sex pics of themselves. No one needs to see any more of that!….more