Sorry Kanye West, you weren’t Kim Kardashian’s first choice for her post-divorce hook-up as it is revealed ex-boyfriend NFL star Reggie Bush turned down the 31 year-old’s offer to rekindle their love.

According to RadarOnline the reality TV star spent time with her former beau in Miami in an attempt to reconcile with her ex who she dated on and off for several years before her whirlwind romance with Kris Humphries.

An insider revealed: “Kim spent a lot of time with Reggie at his house, and the two had very long and thoughtful conversations about what their future could look like together.”

But it seems that despite the curvaceous star’s eagerness to get back with her former flame, he was not interested in the media circus around the Kardashians and didn’t want a life “in the public eye”

“Kim absolutely wanted to get back together with him, but Reggie pointed out that they both want very different things out of life.” The source continued.

“Reggie is much more low key than Kim and does not want to live his life in the public eye the way she has chosen to. There will always be a lot of love between Kim and Reggie, but he just doesn’t see a future with her.”….more