Kim Kardashian seems to think that everyone is out to get her. Yesterday on her blog, she posted a picture of a car with the license plate in full view, claiming that the driver of the car tried to run her down! This is one side of the story, but it seems that Kim is serious about her accusation. According to Kim’s own blog post, Kim was with someone else when the driver of the Mercedes-Benz tried to run them over. Kim doesn’t explain who she was with, but she is convinced that the driver was out to get her.

Kim also reveals that the driver of the car was a female reporter for CBS Sports. She was attempting to videotape Kim Kardashian and her companion, when she supposedly lost control of her car, almost running down Kardashian. Sure, it seems like an accident, but perhaps the reporter is team Kris Humphries in this upcoming divorce battle. And maybe she is upset that Kim tried to work things out with Reggie Bush.

Kim’s fans were quick to react, some supporting her and telling her to be careful, while others think she was overreacting. But the reporter has yet to release a comment. Maybe she is too embarrassed about the incident, but one has to wonder how she feels about having her license plate out in public…..more