It is often a fight between Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries when it comes to their divorce. His lawyer will issue a statement and then Kim herself will go on national television and put on the victim role until the dust settles. However, after her affair with Kanye West, it seems that all media outlets can’t seem to keep anything calm anymore. Kris doesn’t care that Kim is now dating Kanye, while she won’t admit to the love affair for whatever reason. Perhaps she wants to keep up appearances, but doing the walk of shame and sporting a hickey is not exactly helping her out. Now, a source is speaking out, saying that Kim herself could have avoided all of this if she had just shown Kris some respect.

In other words, if Kim Kardashian had contacted Kris in private and shared her decision to divorce, they wouldn’t be where they are today. When Kim filed for divorce, she was in Los Angelesand he was in Minnesota. He was caught off guard when the news broke, as he had been working out at the local gym. Well, it turns out that she didn’t respect him enough, so he saw it as a publicity stunt. Now, he wants her to apologize to the world.

“He’s so easy to talk to,” the source has shared with Hollywood Life. “If she had just gone to him and opened up to him, they wouldn’t be here right now. They wouldn’t be in this position where he felt cheated out of respect.” It makes sense. If Kim didn’t respect her husband at the time enough to share such a private decision, why should he respect her wishes for an annulment? “Kim completely disrespected Kris by filing divorce papers and leaking them to the press,” the source continues….more