Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom may have replaced Kim Kardashian and her ex Kris Humphries as the most talked-about twosome in the reality TV show world right now. From those pesky divorce rumors, which have fortunately been shot down, to Odom’s exit from the Dallas Mavericks and more, Khloe and her NBA pro husband have been the targets of plenty of talk. Now an expert is weighing in on their relationship and how there could potentially be trouble in paradise. But it’s not because of their reality show, Khloe and Lamar!

While the constant glare of the spotlight and the TV show circus may have done no favors for Kim and Kris’ marriage, it doesn’t seem to be a problem in Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom’s union. But, what may become a problem is the basketball player’s jobless status.

“For the average couple, it can impact a relationship significantly when one person loses their job, but the magnitude can be greater for those like Lamar who are in the public eye,” said Amy Levine, a sex and relationship expert, exclusively to Hollywood Life. She also affirmed, “For men, particularly those whose identity is tied to their profession, it can be emasculating and embarrassing.”

Indeed, even during the lockout, Lamar Odom seemed to be a bit at odds and lost without his basketball career—at least according to what was captured on the E! series. He obviously loves the game. Levine also kind of alluded to the familiar, age-old stereotype as the man being the breadwinner. That conception is changing gradually, as perhaps it’s becoming a bit more common to have those “stay-at-home-dad” types….more