Kim Kardashian’s divorce drama from Kris Humphries has dragged on and on and now it’s tax time, so the big question is will Kimmy K and Kris file joint tax returns or not? Well, for all you nosey fans and haters out there who are interested in Kim and Kris’finances, the answer is no, they won’t file together. Of course, that’s good news since they seem to hate each other’s guts lately.

When asked about Kardashian and Humphries’ situation, Certified Public Accountant Fred Slater said, “In a situation like this, there are few possible options for what can happen. One: Their prenup explicitly stated they would file separately. Married couples do have that option.”

“Two: They did plan to file jointly but obtained a legal separation from the courts by December 31, 2011. If that’s the case, then they can file separately. And number three: They did not obtain a legal separation before that date so, yes, they may file jointly. However, they can file under a status called MFS which stands for Married, Filing Separate.”

Of the three reasons listed above, Wetpaint discovered that the reason why Kardashian and Humphries’ would file separately was because of reason number one. An insider told them Kardashian’s iron clad prenup stated there would not be joint tax returns filed during the course of their marriage.

The insider explained, “So much time was spent hammering out that prenup. Especially on Kim’s side. Even though they were getting married, she didn’t want to mix up their finances. Her team insisted Kim would always file separately. Kris was fine with that, he was never with her for the money. So that’s one less hassle they have to deal with. But there are plenty more. This divorce could be going on for a very long time to come.”…more