Kim Kardashian is quickly building the public image of “the village bicycle” with her relationship with Kanye West who is reportedly “obsessed” with the reality show mogul. Even though her divorce to husband of 72 days Kris Humphries is barely over, she doesn’t have a problem jumping right back into the role of, well, you know. Kanye isn’t the only man she’s been seen flirting with since she ended things with her husband, but what are the odds that he’ll be the last? Probably slim-to-none.

The point is: Who the hell cares about Kim Kardashian anymore? This woman is about as overpublicized as adult diaper commercials and is becoming increasingly as pleasant to even read about or watch. This month it’s Kanye West, but in 72 days who knows and who cares? All that matters is that Kimmie K will continue to search for the next big high in her career because the lifestyle of being a high maintenance socialite costs money. If it weren’t for rappers and athletes what would she have to fall back on in life? Her singing? Her acting? Her modeling? Her charming personality? Bah!

Without the pound of makeup, gobbed on over-the-top eyelashes, unibrow plucking/waxing and other assorted pricy maintenance, Kim, along with the rest of the Kardashian women, are just plain and ordinary and way too popular for being who and what they are. Since her allegedly “leaked” porno hit the net, it’s been set in stone that she will probably stop at nothing to stay in the spotlight…..more