Kim Kardashian’s divorce from hometown basketballer Kris Humphries has opened the door to the budding relationship of her dreams to Kanye West. Fans are now wondering if Kimmy K and Kanye have what it takes to become Hollywood’s next major power couple. Kim and Kanye are already being compared to Beyonce and Jay-Z. However, even if they do gain power in Hollywood, it won’t all be based around the music industry.

Accordin USA Today, Kardashian and West possess several traits necessary for becoming major power players. They are both “fashion fanatics” who routinely engage in “celebrity feuds.” Kardashian tries to publicly avoid feuds by allowing her lawyers to do all the dirty work but West will actively seek out beefs with other celebrities; remember poor Taylor Swift?

Other things tying Kim Kardashian and Kanye West together are the fact that they love the limelight and have both survived multiple scandals and even profited from them. Unfortunately, they are both unlucky in love. Fortunately, their misery makes for great entertainment…..more