Some people never learn from their mistakes. Kim Kardashian, whose divorce from Kris Humphries isn’t finalized yet, just went public as a “couple” with Kanye West two weeks ago, but she “has been excitedly phoning her sisters, telling them she plans to marry Kanye as soon as possible!”

“Don’t be surprised if we elope,” Kim allegedly told Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian, according to In Touch (via Gossip Cop).

Although Kim “knows it’s soon … she’s head over heels in love,” a “source” dishes to the mag, with another “insider” adding that Kim “longs to start a family with him as soon as the dust settles on her divorce” and “she won’t even let her closest loved ones talk her out of it.”

In Touch claims that Kourtney Kardashian and Bruce Jenner “have both urged Kim to take things slowly with Kanye … but Kim isn’t hearing any of it.” Well, they should know better. Kim rushed into her sham of a relationship with Kris, and now she’s going full steam ahead on this publicity stunt with Kanye. Kim doesn’t really listen to reason!

But Gossip Cop claims there’s no reason to listen to, since In Touch just made all this up: “A source close to Kardashian laughed off the supposed marriage and baby plans, telling Gossip Cop the new couple is taking things slow.” But Gossip Cop goes over the top with the denial, claiming that Kim is also “actively trying to learn from her mistakes.” Uh-huh. The Kardashians are still bad-mouthing Kris and throwing Kim a pity party to try to counter the negative press they’ve received since the divorce filing, so she obviously doesn’t think she’s made any mistakes at all…..more