Everyone knew Kanye West had a big mouth but the recent string of musical jabs poked at his new girlfriend’s ex-husband seems a bit much. Is he acting alone or is Kris Humphries getting blasted by Kim Kardashian again?

Newest West song finds Humphries at nightclub with Carmelo Anthony

Basketball players don’t always leave their grudges on the court. Humphries, who sits tied for tenth in the NBA in double-doubles as a member of the New Jersey Nets, proved that when he went to a nightclub with New York Knicks star Carmelo Anthony just hours after the Knicks beat the Nets. He never expected a DJ at the club to add to his rough night when he played a new song by rapper and singer Kanye West that offers a clear threat to get him fired. For those who don’t know, West has entered a relationship with Humphries’ soon-to-be ex-wife Kim Kardashian. That hookup has turned West from neutral party to loyal ally against Kris Humphries the man and the player. However, the recent run of body blows seems excessive even for a notorious loudmouth like West, who once walked up on stage at the Grammy Awards to tell Taylor Swift she didn’t deserve the honor over Beyonce. So him opening his mouth to insult somebody isn’t a surprise, but the constant shots at Kris Humphries have some thinking he might have gotten some inspiration from his new girlfriend.

Success with New Jersey Nets and NBA fortifies Humphries against Kim

Most other pro athletes might have good cause to fire back publicly at West and Kardashian. No one would put it past Humphries who’s had a history of speaking his mind. Even though his marriage only lasted 72 days, he should have a good idea of who Kim is and what drives her crazy. Perhaps silence and success are at the top of the list. Since their breakup, Humphries has become a cornerstone of the New Jersey Nets roster. His teammates love his energy, effort and quiet leadership in the locker room. Even fans around the NBA have softened their stances on him, having respect for a man who plays his best when things at home look bleak. That respect alone is enough for Humphries. What Kim and Kanye do have no effect on his basketball life, and he knows the war of words will start soon enough when they enter divorce court. So that could explain why Kardashian went public with Kanye and pushed her new boyfriend to show her ex-husband with creative music jabs…..more