Kim Kardashian may be the ruler of her own business and her Kardashian brand with her sisters, Khloe and Kourtney, but she isn’t making the decisions at the E! Network. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Kim is often featured on the E! Network, but it seems that the executives at the network want her to change if she wants to keep her reality shows on the network. The executives want to give her a complete makeover if she wants to keep her reality shows, and given how successful she is, she isn’t having it! Many of the stars who have reality shows have undergone transformations, but Kim has escaped and she is now subject to one.

According to the website, the network wants to boost ratings and the image Kim is portraying now isn’t working anymore. Kim had a fit when she learned the network wanted to change her image. Remember the bangs she had briefly after New Year’s Eve? Those were gone quickly! “I practically put that channel on the map, and they want to give me a makeover!?”Kim Kardashian has said in response to the request.

If this story is correct, then Kim is taking a diva role. If she loses her reality show because the network drops her shows due to her lack of cooperation, then she may have a hard time finding a network that will feature her shows.

“How dare they tell me I need a new look—different hair and makeup,” Kim has said of the new look idea. And it seems she isn’t following the trend of reality stars changing up their look to make them more appealing…..more