Kim Kardashian has become a cultural phenomenon mostly for being attractive and being born to someone who defended O.J. Simpson. She has become a celebrity, a model, and great at hocking many products that you can put a K in front of, which is fine. People who are famous for being famous or attractive or an heir to something come and go. Paris Hilton was talked about for months before imploding on herself like a herpes filled supernova.

However, with the Kardashian divorce kerfuffle and now subsequent dating of Kanye West, Kim Kardashian’s expiration date for fame has passed, and yet she is still very famous, with the top show on the E! Network. The only logical explanation is that the Kardashian woman is trying to ingrain herself into our culture, put a K on it, and destroy us. Below are the top four reasons the new Kanye relationship is dooming our society.

4. The relationship is way too conveniently timed:

For the poor, misbegotten souls of those who have not been witness to the Kardashian divorce, it basically goes as such; Kim Kardashian married a half decent basketball player from New Jersey. It was a big deal for some reason, and people inexplicably cared. 72 days later it was over. Many correctly assumed it was fictional, made for TV. Some began to revolt, feeling like “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” was trying to string them along. They were right. Now to make people less mad, Kim is supposedly dating Kanye West. Kanye West is talented and interesting– Kim Kardashian is not. It is perfectly timed, and people are forgetting the wedding and assuming this fake relationship is more accurate.

3. It makes Kanye West look like [more of] a Jackass.

Kanye West is an incredibly talented rapper, performer, and producer. My Beautiful, Dark Twisted Fantasy may be one of the greatest rap albums of all time. College Dropout was an instant classic. However, his public persona is infamously unsavory; he’s a douche, and everyone knows it. This is important though because his public persona is so out there, annoying and in your face, it enables him make excellent, open, soul exposing music. It is tantamount to appear tough right before you read a poem about your mother dying. With the faked romance however, Kanye West is losing a lot of credibility, while also alienating the fans that have stuck with him for the music in spite of the antics.

2. It’s all for TV.

Before Kris Humphries (whose name starts with a “K”) Kim Kardashian allegedly tried to recruit other NBA players to be her boyfriend for her show. Danilo Gallinari of the Denver Nuggets was initially recruited, but declined her offer, because of his pesky soul. She then settled, as any woman would have to, on Humphries. It is so see-through, that it is insulting. Furthermore, pretending it is reality is making her show an…..

1. Accidental Avant-Garde Mess

Blending reality with fiction is how all reality shows function. While the Jersey Shore may fake a situation, they are essentially hot tub thumping as they would without cameras. The Kardashian show essentially denies that fiction is happening, despite everyone knowing better….more