Has Kim Kardashian’s divorce drama frightened Kris Humphries from entering the dating world again? Well, that would just be a shame wouldn’t it since Kimmy K is in another high-profile relationship already. And, yes, dating Kanye West makes for a high-profile relationship.

According to Hollywood Life, Humphries is now afraid to date other women thanks to Kardashian and her publicity team. The ordeal of the last few months has really stressed the basketball player out.

A source said, “How do you ever trust another girl again. It will take a while, before Kris is able to do that. He feels like he has to honor that commitment to his marriage. He took it very seriously.”

However, Humphries is holding out for love and may even date another celebrity one day. Speaking about any future celebrity Kris may date, the source added, “Well, she’d have to be a much lower-key celebrity,” says his friend. “Next time around when he dates anyone, it’s going to be very different.”….more