Kim Kardashian lives in the light of the paparazzi, so she is used to the huge crowds following her when she leaves her hotel, home or restaurants. Yesterday, Kim decided to step out for lunch with her BFF Jonathan Cheban and the two were crowded by the paparazzi. They couldn’t even walk down the street to the restaurant where they wanted to get some food. The two dined at the Italian bistro Macelleria in the West Village and photographers were eager to get a snapshot of the diva as she took time away from her new boyfriend, Kanye West.

Kim has been an interesting focal point for tabloids lately, as she stayed out of the spotlight for a while after her divorce was made public. While her legal team is still fighting Kris Humphries behind the scenes, it appears Kim Kardashian wants people to acknowledge her new relationship with Kanye, as the two have been very open in hanging out, attending events together and even packing on the PDA.

Both Kim and Jonathan went shopping after their dinner, so maybe Kim wanted to pick up something for Kanye to show her appreciation during these troubling times. She has gotten lots of heat for dating Kanye because she isn’t fully divorced and some even think this new relationship is for publicity…..more