The 2012 NBA regular season ended and so did a nightmare for the New Jersey Nets. While the team mulls its future, one player in Kris Humphries has to wonder if his time with the team has run out thanks to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

Deron Williams leaving New Jersey Nets would put Humphries in no-win spot

It seems the only thing, or person in this case, that’s holding the New Jersey Nets together is star point guard Deron Williams. In the first bit of free agency drama, Williams vowed that he would test the free agent market as originally planned and hopes to have a new deal before the Olympics start in late July. If New Jersey moves to Brooklyn without its best player, a future in the Big Apple looks far darker than planned. No player knows that better than Kris Humphries. Despite a second-straight career year in points and rebounds, the soon-to-be divorced big man may stand at the mercy of his personal life as the Nets mull whether or not to start over should Williams leave. Based on play alone there’s no question a free agent Humphries would find a new home in a matter of hours. However, thanks to Kim Kardashian and more recently her new boyfriend Kanye West, Humphries may find free agency a wasteland.

West fits better with Kardashian lifestyle than an NBA player

Few people love publicity more than celebrities, especially musicians. So when Humphries accused Kardashian of using him for ratings on her reality shows, it would only make sense she find a boyfriend more open to drama. No man fits that mold better than West. Some media circles think he’s dating Kardashian purely for the cameras. His assists to Kim in bashing Humphries through his music only create greater attention from fans. It’s for those reasons that a quiet NBA player like Humphries may stand out of his league. He said in interviews that Kim had no respect for marriage, which could’ve explained why theirs lasted a whopping 72 days. At the rate she and West are going, she might have a second husband lined up before the ink on her divorce papers is dry. It’s that kind of drama that Humphries just wants to go away…..more