Kim Kardashian hasn’t spoken out about her sister’s decision to pull the plug on the couple’s reality show, but she has been sending out some cryptic tweets that could hint that she is upset with the decision. Yesterday, the main Kardashian news was that Lamar Odom wanted out of filming and Khloe had supported his decision, hence no season three of Khloe & Lamar.

While Khloe and Lamar have been silent about the cancellation, Kim sent out a tweet yesterday that could hint she is upset with the cancellation. “It’s so frustrating watching someone close to you make all the wrong choices & decisions,” she wrote on Twitter yesterday. “But I guess u need to sit back & let them learn.” It sounds like Kim Kardashian is upset with Khloe for letting Lamar cancel the show, given he isn’t playing on a team anymore. And if he doesn’t have the NBA, why not make his new career a reality show? Isn’t that how the Kardashians are thinking?

It also seems odd that Kim is so quick to judge someone else, especially someone close to her, considering her family probably have an opinion about her dating Kanye West so quickly after filing for divorce. While Kris Humphries is focusing on his career, Kim just wants to find love, get married and have children. Maybe her family are judging her the same way; letting her learn for herself….more