Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries’ divorce is getting serious. Kris now wants a ‘divorce trial’ because he’s so sick and tired of Kimmy K’s lies and manipulations. The basketballer just wants Kim to be exposed and the truth to come out.

Who can blame him for reaching this level? Humphries has been made to look like a fool time and again. Kardashian’s callousness in the midst of their divorce has been an eye opener not just for her fans but also for Humphries. Well, now it’s time for payback. And, you know what they say, “Payback is a (bitch) 6′ 9″ basketball player.”

An insider said, “Kris wants a divorce trial so that the truth can finally come out – amongst other matters, he wants to know about a $325k wedding gift that the couple got from a very wealthy Malaysian businessman that attended the wedding. Kris was at Kim’s house when the very gift was delivered — it was given to both of them but Kim has kept sole ownership of the gift and has used it extensively. She will be asked about it, under oath, on the stand at the trial. For Kris this isn’t about the money, it never has been, it’s about the truth finally coming out.”….more