N ot that any of the Kardashians are far from public scrutiny, but now it seems Khloe Kardashian Odom may be edging big sister Kim out of the spotlight — and not for reasons she wants.

According to folks close to the family famous for being famous, Khloe is pretty depressed lately — working hard to hold together her marriage to NBA player Lamar Odom.

While all concerned say Khloe unlikely will be following Kim to divorce court anytime soon, there apparently have been some serious strains on the Kardashian-Odom marriage.

Khloe has been hunkered down with “momager

Kris Jenner a lot lately — especially since Jenner told her daughter she should have been “more positive” while speaking with People magazine the other day.“


I like to think divorce is not an option,” Kardashian told the magazine — a line that has raised even more questions about the stability of her marriage.

† According to a source close to Odom, he has been acting cool to his wife lately….more