Kim Kardashian has recently only had eyes for her new guy, Kanye West, even though the divorce drama with ex Kris Humphries seems to still be circling around her. The couple–Kimye, as they are already called–has been spotted on date nights in New York City and the rapper apparently has formally met the family and received their all-important seal of approval. That said, Kim recently turned her attention–if only for a brief time–to another hot topic: a flashy set of wheels. But the ride didn’t belong to West. In fact, the owner is Scott Disick, partner to her pregnant sister Kourtney Kardashian.

Rocking a peace sign and soaking in the not-so-subtle qualities of said car, Kim Kardashian posed in the chrome-wrapped Audi R8. She showed it all off via Twitter, too, with pics and a post that read, “Scott’s sick new car! Chrome!” As Daily Mail reports, she later wrote, “Who needs a mirror when I’m driving @scottdisick’s car!?!”

Indeed, this ride is super-reflective to say the least. One could truly see this car coming from a mile away. In fact, it is actually reminiscent of the auto that pop sensation Justin Bieber recently received for his birthday. The Biebs tricked out his Fisker Karma (sorry Scott, it’s cooler and more eco-friendly than the Audi!) with a similar chrome treatment. So was there some copy-cat action here? Kris Jenner even referred to Scott’s new toy as a “Batmobile;” Bieber of course is famous for his own version of that one, too….more