As Khloe fights to save her marriage, rumors of a lying Kanye are swirling around Kim and news hits the tabloids that Kourtney has agreed to marry Scott Disick only if he agrees to her demands.

Khloe, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian have found themselves on the covers of weekly magazines recently, with headlines highlighting the inner workings of their relationships.While a new season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians begins May 20, since it was prerecorded, you won’t see what’s happening in the sisters’ lives currently.

While Khloe and her husband, NBA player Lamar Odom, have been struggling through his trade to the Dallas Mavericks in December, Kim has been spotted out with her new boyfriend, rapper Kanye West. Oldest sister Kourtney made the biggest headline of all in the May 14 issue of inTouch, which detailed, according to an inside and unnamed source, her and boyfriend Scott Disick’s upcoming secret wedding in Mexico.

The Kardashian sisters have never been shy with the media, but in an unexpected move, Khloe and Lamar announced recently they would no longer be filming their Keeping Up With The Kardashians spinoff show Khloe and Lamar. In the May 14 issue of People Magazine, Khloe said there was a lot of pressure on Lamar, seeing the trouble he was having with his NBA career detailed on the television screen.

“It was stressful,” she said in the People article. “With the NBA lockout [last summer], then the short season and all eyes on Lamar because of the attention that surrounds our family, it almost felt like there was no right way he could have [handled things].”

Khloe said there was additional stress on her and Lamar because of rampant speculation about when and how she and Lamar were going to start a family. While one tabloid claimed the couple started the process of in vitro fertilization, another claimed Khloe had been pregnant and lost the baby early in the year. Khloe said none of the rumors were true, and though she wanted a child, the only thing she’d really done was throw out any methods of birth control they’d been using.

The couple are best known for their whirlwind courtship; they got engaged after just nine days of knowing each other in 2009. The wedding was planned in less than a month and was, no surprise, televised. Because of how fast they got married, Khloe said people often think that her marriage won’t last. Despite that, though, she says she’s an old-fashioned girl about marriage. Divorce, she said, is simply not an option for her.

Divorce was an option for her older sister, Kim, however, who has had her share of time in the spotlight since her 72-day marriage to NBA star Kris Humphries, 27, ended in a separation. While she’s ready to move on with Kanye West, whom she’s been dating for a little more than a month, Humphries is dragging the divorce out, saying he has proof that the marriage was never real for her and that it was all staged purely for profit. According to, depositions for the divorce will begin in June, and if Humphries and his legal team are able to prove the marriage was a sham, he might be able to get an annulment, something he’s been seeking since Kim filed for divorce. The two are also fighting over whether or not the depositions can be video taped, according to While Kim has lived much of her life out in the open, on television screens around the world, she is opposed to having the depositions taped, asking for them to be kept private. Humphries, however, wants them taped, to prove to the world he’s not the person Kim’s reality show portrayed him to be. The same report also said the two were fighting over high-end wedding presents like a $325,000 white Ferrari and even Kim’s famous engagement ring.

While Kim is looking to wrap up her divorce, she’s getting serious with Kanye West. In the May 14 issue of Us Weekly, a source claims that Kim and Kanye are so serious they’re considering marriage, and even though it’s happened fast, their friends aren’t worried, despite what happened the last time Kim moved too quickly.

“They’ve been friends so long,” said the Us Weekly source. “They really know and love each other.”

Some, however, think maybe Kim doesn’t know Kanye as well as she thinks she does. In the May 14 issue of inTouch, one insider says that Kanye is just using Kim to bolster his poor reputation. His last two relationships ended with him as the bad guy. He and Amber Rose broke up in 2010, when he was accused of cheating on her with none other than current girlfriend Kim. In 2008, his ex-fiancee, Alexis Phifer, left him; her friends say Kanye both emotionally and physically abused her.

Kanye’s bad reputation extends beyond his history with women. Most people remember the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards where he jumped on stage during Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech and declared that Beyoncé deserved the award. According to inTouch, Kanye’s friends say that not much has changed about him in the years since that incident, and underneath all of his charming behavior with Kim, he’s still the same old Kanye. Kim, however, isn’t listening, says a friend to inTouch, and is looking to move to New York to further their relationship.

While Kim is thinking about marriage after her divorce is final, older sister Kourtney, reports inTouch, has accepted a proposal of marriage from longtime boyfriend and father of her children Scott Disick. She’s expecting their second child, a girl, in July, and she and Scott plan to have the wedding after she is born. The magazine reports that the wedding will be held at their friend Joe Francis’ Mexico estate Casa Aramura. The family has spent many vacations and celebrations there and have always enjoyed it. It’s also a remote location, where photographers can’t get access, so Kourtney feels safe there, said a friend…..more