Despite the fact that Kim Kardashian has yet to divorce NBA star Kris Humphries after their 72-day marriageKanye West already wants to tie the knot with her. According to the latest copy of “Life & Style” magazine, Kanye has been pushing Kim to get her divorce from Kris over with so that they can begin their lives together.

She’s been battling it out with Kris ever since filing for divorce on October 31st, but it doesn’t appear that he’s going to let go without a fight. An insider revealed that Kanye is pressuring Kim to give Kris whatever he wants so he’ll go away.

The source said, “Kanye wants to marry Kim, and he’s telling her to expedite the divorce so they can start their future. Kanye’s like, ‘Just do whatever you need to do to make it go away.’ Kim’s starting to come around to Kanye’s way of thinking. As things get more and more intense and comfortable, both Kim and Kanye hate being apart. And as they grow closer, Kanye’s desire to marry Kim – and hers to be married to him — keeps getting stronger.”….more