Kim Kardashian Admits “I Cried” About My Divorce For “Months” on KKTM PremiereKanye West Khloe Kardashian Kim Kardashian Kourtney and Kim Take Miami Kourtney Kardashian Kris Humphries Scott Disick10:00 pm, January 20th, 2013

VIDEO(E!)The two-part season premiere of “Kourtney and Kim Take Miami” kicked off on Sunday with the sisters trying to make a fresh start in Miami — but bringing some emotional baggage with them.Khloe, who was also in town, tried to get Kim to admit she was upset by her dragged-out divorce from Kris Humpries, but the still-married star was more focused on her new kitten Mercy, a gift from beau Kanye West. (Sadly, Mercy died in December.)“I’m annoyed about it but I’ve taken it to a level where I’m like I just can’t stress about this,” Kim told Khloe, who didn’t believe she was truly okay.“Doesn’t it piss you off that it’s been over a year and you’re not divorced?” Khloe asked Kim later, going on to accuse her of “bottling up” her emotions.RELATED – Kanye West Bans Pregnant Kim Kardashian From Listening to Rap?In a private chat with Kim’s BFF Jonathan Cheban, Khloe expressed her concerns about her sister’s mental state.But when Cheban confronted her, Kim insisted, “There’s nothing to say and the fact that you’re all gossiping behind my back is annoying.”Kim, in turn, confronted Khloe, and said, “I don’t know why you think I have to be so mad about this [divorce]… I have cried about this for months and months and months. At some point, I have to let it go.”In the end, Kim and Khloe both made peace with the divorce issue when they took out their aggression by smashing plates on their balcony.“As silly as it may seem, it feels really good to be breaking those dishes. I’ve been pushing my feelings down for so long,” admited Kim.RELATED – Photo: Jenner House Swarmed By Cops After “Swatting” PrankMeanwhile, Scott Disick’s decision not to immediately join Kourtney and their two young kids in Miami irked Khloe and Kim, who found the arrangement bizarre.Kourtney explained that the two had serious relationship issues the last time they were in Miami together, mostly due to Scott’s out-of-control partying, and flat-out said, “I don’t want him here.”But it quickly became clear that she was overwhelmed caring for the kids without Scott’s help, prompting Kim to call him and report that she “can tell that [Kourtney] obviously needs you and wants you here, even if she’s not saying that.”Cue Kourtney’s unhappy surprise when Scott shows up in Miami, with him saying “I sure hope” things will go well, and promising to focus on family and work.RELATED – Watch: Kris Jenner Slams the Tabloids: “Enough With the Lies”Later, Kourtney confronted her sister about secretly orchestrating Scott’s visit, and Kim said she didn’t mean to “create drama.”But she ends up creating even more when she and Khloe get drunk, disturb a sleeping Mason, and drag Scott out in the middle of the night to be their chauffeur.And despite Scott’s insistence that he was just playing babysitter — and none too pleased to do so — Kourtney didn’t buy his “excuse.”Khloe later confirmed the story to Kourtney, and told her sister to “believe in him a little,” so that he can start believing in himself.A week later, Kourtney admitted their time together in Miami had been “amazing” so far, and that she was proud of her man for staying on the straight and narrow.She rewarded him by shipping his new Rolls Royce to Miami for him to use.“Miami, Lord Disick is back,” Scott declared at the end of the ep.Check out the video below!The “KKTM” premiere continues on Monday night with Kim struggling with her fertility, and Kourtney disapproving of Scott’s new racecar hobby.Follow @GossipCop on Twitter!Like us on Facebook!WATCH:
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