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Kim and Kanye are making it clear that decisions regarding their baby will be made by them, and them alone! That’s not going to make momager Kris too happy!
Kris Jenner may like to call the shots when it comes to her family’s profitability, but she’s going to get quite a surprise when daughter Kim Kardashian‘s baby with Kanye West is born! The superstar couple plan on making all decisions about selling the baby’s first photo by themselves — with no input from Kris.
A source close to Kanye, 35, tells exclusively that even if he and his baby mama, 32, do decide to sell the first photo of their child, it’s a decision they’ll come to on their own! “No matter what they decide though, if they want to make money on the pictures or give it to the world for free, it will be their joint decision,” our insider says. “Just the two of them, nobody else! I can assure you that.”
Kim Kardashian May Sell Baby Pics Anyway
However, the friend believes that Kim will probably want to sell the photo, regardless of her mother’s input! “I highly doubt Kim will just give it up for free, slim chance that’s going to happen,” our source says. “If there’s money to be made, she will make it and honestly, there’s nothing wrong with that. Why give it up for free when at the same time you can make a dollar from it?”
Kim & Kanye West Focusing On Baby’s Health
The couple is choosing to focus on the baby’s health leading up to its birth, instead of worrying about what they’ll do afterwards, our source says. “…But right now, that is some s**t that is far from both of their minds…All she really trying to do is be healthy and she working out a lot, too, so that’s helping. Kanye’s holding down everything, taken care of whatever he needs to to make sure she’s cared for and s**t like that. That’s the mother of his child — so I know Kanye is taking extra steps to make sure she’s good.”
Do you think that it’s important for Kim and Kanye to make baby decisions on their own, HollyMoms?
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– Billy Nilles, Reporting by Eric Ray
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