The Brooklyn Nets defeated the New York Knicks last night, with Kris Humphries coming off the bench for 11 points and a team-high 13 rebounds.
But afterward, attention was less on points in the paint and more on Kim Kardashian. Naturally.
After receiving taunts from the Madison Square Garden crowd all game, Humphries tried to get the final say after the contest, telling reporters:
“They were harassing me when I was going in and out of the tunnel. But after, I asked them, ‘Why’s everyone so quiet?’”
He then followed that statement up on Twitter with: “the Garden got really quiet on the way out!”
Unfortunately for Humphries, New York shooting guard J.R. Smith was quick with a Tweeted retort:
“Wasnt quiet when Kanye tore it down last month!”
OHHHH, SLAM! The Nets may have won the game, but Smith conquered this online war.
The Kim Kardashian divorce case continues to drag on, of course, with most blame falling on Humphries. He is seeking an annulment and somehow claims he was duped into a fake marriage.
If that were the case, Kris would make Manti Te’o look prescient when it comes to relationships

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