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This mommy-to-be is dripping in jewelry thanks to her baby daddy, who spoiled and showered her with brand new bling! Hopefully the $65,000 worth of Cartier bracelets is making her pregnancy a bit more bearable!
On Jan. 24 Kim Kardashian, 32, proudly posted a picture on her Instagram account of Cartier bracelets covering almost her entire forearm! The caption reads, “The Don strikes again!!! #SoLucky!!!!!!” implying that her baby-daddy and current boyfriend, 35-year-old Kanye West, purchased them all for her. We agree…she’s definitely lucky!
Kim dons five different yellow-gold Cartier styles. The newest addition is believed to be the Cartier Panthère Bracelet in yellow gold, embedded with diamonds. The jungle-themed bangle is accompanied by a yellow gold Cartier Love bracelet with diamonds that costs $9,400. Amid the pile of gold is also a Cartier Juste un Clou, which is a bangle that looks like a nail that was twisted around Kim’s delicate wrist. This bangle alone rings up to a whopping $34,650! Two other animal print bracelets, both from Cartier as well, are also thrown into the mix to top off the collection. Kanye is totally spoiling his reality star girlfriend, and we’re totally jealous.
This is not the first time this fashion goddess has been spotted dripping in Cartier. She often adds a two-toned Cartier Roadster watch to her outfits. It’s a classic look, so it’s no surprise that her sister has a similar watch in gold. It seems as though Kim retired the timeless piece for a little bit more bling. If Kanye’s buying…why not? As long as Kanye and Kim are together, Cartier definitely won’t have to worry about their sales.
We LOVE the way these bracelets compliment each other, but it might be just a little too bold for some people! What do you HollywoodLifers think? Should Kim flaunt her new accessories or stick to a more simple style? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below!
Courtney Dunn
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Kanye West Gives Kim Kardashian Bracelets — $65,000 Of Cartier …