When you see the above photos of Kanye West wearing a red ski mask yesterday, you wouldn’t be blamed for coming up with a number of theories:
1) He’s finally lost it.2) It’s as cold in Paris as it’s been here in New York.3) He’s finally a little bit ashamed of the showy nature of his relationship with baby mama Kim Kardashian.
We would also accept 4) He’s decided to hide his face, a la Michael Jackson, to make us want to see him MORE. Sneaky!
But then we looked into this a little more closely. Kanye was actually leaving the Maison Martin Margiela Haute Couture show, where — guess what? — all of the models were wearing face masks.

Ooooh. Apparently, the designer likes to mask his models in order to make sure the focus is on his wild clothing. So Kanye was trying to make us pay attention to his sharp white suit and cape, right? Err, you’ll notice that no one else is talking about those this morning. Maybe, instead of a ripped-up ski mask, he should have gone for the designer’s collection of crystal masks, one of which he wore for his Atlantic City show in December. Well, no, we weren’t really talking about his clothing that day either.
[Photos: Splash News Online, Getty Images]

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