We didn’t fully realize until today just how angry Kris Humphries was about whole Kim Kardashian divorce drama. How mad, you ask?  Mad enough to turn down $10 million. So yeah, that’s pretty mad. According to RadarOnline, Kim offered the Brooklyn Net a $10 million settlement to end the legal stalemate in their divorce. Yes, $10 million. But Kris turned her down, because he’s not out for money, he’s out for some cold courtroom vengeance.
“After Kim filed for divorce, she offered Kris a $10 million payoff with the agreement that he would not continue to pursue an annulment to their marriage on the grounds of fraud,” and insider told the website. An annulment is basically the marriage-equivalent of a “freebie oops” card (that’s a thing, right?), which voids a marriage in any spiritual or religious capacity.  ”He wants to be able to marry in a church again, with a clear conscience, when he finds someone special. Kris is deeply religious and he believes that the only way he can do that is if his marriage to Kim is annulled.”

There had previously been reports that Kris actually had asked for a huge payout in exchange for a divorce, but the insider claims that this never took place. ”That absolutely never happened. Kris has given a sworn declaration that he has never asked Kim for a single dime. The only thing he has asked for, and continues to ask for, is for her to agree to an annulment.”
The ex-couple won’t hit up the courts until at least June  because of scheduling conflicts, but despite his dragging his feet, Kris is reportedly very anxious to get this over all over with. ”Kris wants to move on with his life just as badly as Kim does. He is constantly getting heckled by NBA players and fans, and he just wants to be able to close this disastrous chapter in his life once and for all.”
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